Duties of Officers and Committees

Officers of the Board of Directors

  • Ensure that the Articles of the By-Laws are duly observed and executed
  • Preside at all meetings of the Council and of the Board of Directors, which will be conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order
  • At the start of the administrative year (August 1), appoint the chairpersons of all committees, subject to approval by the Board, who, in turn, must be members of Member Societies. The
  • President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees, but without vote.
  • Appoint, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, acting officers to serve in such vacancies as may arise until the next election
  • Select a minimum of six leaders representing business, technical, academic and/or government communities to serve on the Advisory Council
  • Inform the recipients of ACESS Award and Distinguished Award of Council that they have been selected by the Honors and Awards Committee
  • Invite Chairpersons of all the Member Societies to a specified meeting (typically in January) of the Board
  • Invite all members of the Advisory Council to a specified meeting (typically in February) of the Board
  • Prepare an administrative year-end report regarding the state of the Council

  • Assume the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President
  • Be responsible for balanced long-range programs and for the proper execution of the programs developed for the current year by working with the various Committee Chairpersons
  • Be responsible for developing the Operating Budget requirements for the Administrative Year by working with various Committee Chairpersons
  • Prepare a budget, in consultation with Committee Chairpersons, and present it for approval at the first meeting of the administrative year (September)

  • Record and publish accurate records of all proceedings of the Board of Directors
  • Distribute the meeting minutes in a timely way to the Board of Directors, the presiding officers of the Member Societies, and to the members of the Advisory Council
  • Maintain a list of names and addresses of all Delegates, Society Chairs/Presidents and Advisory Council members
  • Inform the President at the start of a Board meeting whether the required quorum (30% of member societies) is represented at the meeting

  • Maintain custody of Council funds and present, at each scheduled Board of Directors meeting, a financial report
  • Prepare a financial report as of the last day of the fiscal year (July 31) which will be audited by the Audit Committee appointed by the President
  • Be responsible for complying with all requirements of the Internal Revenue Service and other government entities

Executive Director
  • Supervise and direct the operations of the ACESS office
  • Attend meetings of the ACESS Board of Directors and various committees
  • Promote and co-ordinate existing and future programs of ACESS
  • Keep track of day-to-day income and expenses
  • Develop new sources of funding for ACESS
  • Enhance the donation base of ACESS
  • Plan new activities for ACESS
  • Co-ordination of Programs with Industrial Corporations, Member Societies, area universities and schools
  • Co-ordinate development of ACESS Website
  • Provide updates and maintenance for the ACESS Website and reply to queries generated from the Website
  • Identify organizations for membership to ACESS
  • Suggest individuals in industry for furthering the ACESS mission
  • Assist in identifying volunteers for ACESS

  • Attend all meetings of the ACESS Board regularly
  • Attend all meetings of the ACESS Board regularly
  • Report actions taken by the ACESS Board to your society
  • Participate in ACESS Committees and activities

Advisory Council

  • Meet at least once annually with the ACESS Board of Directors to consider an agenda prepared by the President of ACESS. The ACESS President shall determine the time and place of this meeting.
  • May hold additional meetings if requested by any two (2), or more, members to consider any other matters they deem pertinent to the accomplishment of ACESS objectives. The results of any such
  • meetings should be communicated to the ACESS President who will then be responsible for the transmittal of these results to the ACESS Board of Directors.
  • Provide availability (individually or collectively), as needed, to assist the ACESS Board of Directors in the accomplishment of ACESS objectives

Standing Committees

  • Audits accounts of ACESS (in August) as maintained by the Treasurer for accuracy
  • Submit audit report to the ACESS Board of Directors (in August)

  • Co-ordinate activities with other Committees
  • Identify possible speakers for the Banquet (in March)
  • Prepare a target company solicitation list with updated names and addresses (in March)
  • Send solicitation letters under the signature of the ACESS Banquet Honorary Chair (in May)
  • Receive solicitations and thank contributors (in August)
  • Contact sponsoring organizations, corporations and Member Societies for donations (in August)
  • Obtain pertinent information for the Banquet flyer and prepare the flyer (in September)
  • Finalize Banquet arrangements with the restaurant (in October)
  • Arrange ticket printing, plaques to be presented, certificates for various winners (in October)
  • Finalize arrangements for reservations, obtain names of students, teachers and attendees (by October 15)
  • Prepare participation script and send it to all participants in the program (by October 15)
  • Obtain information for program booklet and have it printed (by October 20)
  • Assign duties to volunteers for the evening of the Banquet Plan a meeting to obtain suggestions for improvement and to review the previous Banquet (in November)

  • Take responsibility for all matters pertaining to publication of ACESS information
  • Interact with news media to publicize ACESS activities

Community Relations
  • Facilitate joint society services related to science and engineering with academic, corporate and scientific organizations in the community
  • Solicit Member Societies and corporations for special awards to be presented at Western Reserve District 5 Science Day and Akron Science and Technology Expo
  • Help in obtaining Judges for the Science Fairs
  • Select Judges to identify winning projects at the local Science Fairs for the ACESS Science Fair awards

  • Solicit applications for the ACESS scholarships from The University of Akron and Kent State University
  • Finalize selection of ACESS Scholarships by May 31 and notify the winners
  • Obtain information for sponsored scholarships by identifying candidates and obtaining final approval from the sponsors

Honors and Awards
  • Chair selects Members of the committee but the Committee Members are not publicized
  • Chair solicits Member Societies for nominations for the ACESS Award and the Distinguished Award of Council (in April)
  • Committee Members review the applications and select the winners
  • Chair reports the winners to the ACESS President ( in May)

Student Outreach
  • Develop programs for ACESS to promote Student interest in science, engineering and technology careers
  • Develop scholarships for Students
  • Identify methods for documenting Student outreach activities being conducted by other organizations

Strategic Planning
  • Review all aspects of ACESS operations for changes and improvements to assure that ACESS objectives and goals are met
  • Identify changes and improvements in terms of long range requirements
  • Request action by the ACESS Board for following up recommendations

AD HOC Committees

  • Designated by the ACESS President
The Mission of ACESS is to enhance the technical environment in the Akron area through coordination and cooperation with the technical societies, industry and academia.
ACESS provides broad industrial and academic representation and a widely diversified science and technology source.  Detached from special interest groups, it offers an excellent opportunity for effective informative public service.

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