Teacher Grant Reflection Reports
On completion of the project funded through a Teacher Project Grant, ACESS requests that a Grant Reflection Report be submitted. This report should provide the following information:
  • Summarize your major activities in the project. Did you find it necessary to adjust the planned activities and/or timetable? If so explain. Based on your experience with this project describe anything you would do differently next time.
  • Describe setbacks you encountered during the grant project and how you addressed them.
  • If you were publicizing the single most important outcome of your work, what headline would you write for your news release?
  • What measures were used to evaluate your progress? Please attach copies of any evaluation reports.
  • Actual project budget. And include_once any in-services or other funding resources. Was it necessary for you to make any changes to the proposed project budget? If so, please explain.
Teacher Project Reports Line Description, Teacher or School
Report 2016-2017 Zablotny
Report 2016-2017 Leyden
Report 2016-2017 Hydraulics Group Rubric, Griffith
Report 2016-2017 Creativity Innovation Notes, Dotson FreeBIE
Report 2016-2017 Creativity Innovation Rubric, Dotson FreeBIE
Report 2016-2017 KEVA Challenge, Callaway Grant
Report 2016-2017 Hands On Access, Callaway Grant
Report Aurora High School
Report Elaine Dria Our Lady of the Elms
Report Janeen Beresh, Place Value Scramble
Report Garfield High School, Akron
Report Rootstown Elementary School
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